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Bishops’ Appeal is the Church of Ireland World Aid and Development Programme. Each year, it funds long-term development projects relating to health, rural development and education, while retaining an emergency fund for humanitarian disasters.

East Africa Crisis:
Right now, we are facing the worst humanitarian crisis since 1945 with South Sudan in a state of famine, and Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia, northern Nigeria and Yemen teetering on the brink. There are currently around 20 million people in this region who are at risk of starvation due to drought and prolonged conflict.

We are looking to our supporters to please give what they can to help those in need. All monies raised for this emergency appeal will be split between Christian Aid and Tearfund, who are already supporting projects in these countries.

Despite the urgency of this campaign, Bishops’ Appeal will not neglect its commitment to help long-term development projects around the world, which are also in need of funding and support. Already this year, we have been able to offer our support to two worthy development projects:

Health: Through CMS, Bishops’ Appeal have been able to support a women’s health project in Nepal, offering screening and aftercare for women receiving life-changing surgery for Uterine Prolapse, a serious reproductive health condition.

Rural Development: In Bolivia, Christian Aid Ireland have established a project which teaches rural communities how to build and use solar ovens, which cook faster, and reduce reliance on firewood, which has become a scarce resource due to deforestation.

What you can do to help: Bishops’ Appeal is calling on our supporters to pray for those affected by the crisis, and to give what you can to help these men, women and children in their time of need. Parish and individual donations are encouraged and greatly appreciated and proceeds can be sent to: Taney Parish Office or placed on the Offering plates in the Churches on Sundays by the end of April. More information on Bishops’ Appeal and the projects we support can be found at or email

Thank you

More information on Bishops’ Appeal and the projects we support can be found at