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Bishops' Appeal 2018

Bishops’ Appeal is the Church of Ireland World Aid and Development Programme. Each year, it funds long-term development projects relating to health, rural development and education, while retaining an emergency fund for humanitarian disasters.

Over the past year, Bishops’ Appeal has supported life-giving programmes across the world:
In Tanzania, funds for fitted wheelchairs for those living with cerebral palsy have been donated through Motivation.
Emergency funds have been released to Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) to support their work responding to 630,000 Rohingya refugees fleeing Myanmar and seeking refuge in Bangladesh.
Funds have been sent to CMS Ireland for food, water, shelter and medical supplies for displaced people in South Sudan. Similarly we have released funds for five refugee camps in Uganda.
Funds for sanitary towels and private toilets for secondary school girls who miss out on education because of their menstrual cycle have been channeled through Fields of Life to a small fishing village in Uganda.
Funds for purifying water in communities in India where regular flooding is contaminating the supply have been sent through Christian Aid.
In Sierra Leone, where unemployment rates are at 70%, Bishops’ Appeal has released funding to Christian Aid for youth vocational training.
In Togo, access to safe water has been supported via Self Help Africa and in Uganda, rain water harvesting has neen introduced for rural communities via Fields of Life.
In Ethiopia, where drought persists, Bishops’ Appeal released funds to Tearfund Ireland for self-help groups who have built resilience and reserves to withstand the ongoing famine.
The East Africa Appeal has raised over €70,000 for food, water, nutrition for nursing mothers and their
babies and medicine across Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia.
Thank you for your ongoing support.

What you can do to help: Bishops’ Appeal is calling on our supporters to pray for those affected by the crisis, and to give what you can to help these men, women and children in their time of need. Parish and individual donations are encouraged and greatly appreciated and proceeds can be sent to: Taney Parish Office or placed on the Offering plates in the Churches on Sundays by the end of April. More information on Bishops’ Appeal and the projects we support can be found at or email