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Welcome to Taney Parish Website!

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We hope you enjoy your visit to us and find here something of the ethos which is our parish community.  Browse through our history, look at our churches, at the worship of our people, discover something of the activities and organisations which make up the life of a large and vibrant parish.

You will catch up on all our news and activities in ‘Taney News’, our quarterly magazine.  ‘The Notice Board’ tells you what’s on and where.  It gives a glimpse of a church community on the move.  'Upcoming News' lets you know of events in the forthcoming months and 'Latest News' is a summary of the current months events.Taney Parish Primary School, our Sunday School, Church organisations, youth activities signal our commitment to the care of all our people.  We hope, as you link in to Taney website that you get a sense of a vibrant and growing Christian community  which cares for ‘new-comer’ and ‘native’ alike.Thank you for your visit to our website.  A warm welcome awaits you too when you visit us in person.  Come back again and keep in touch. Your comments or queries we will be glad to receive and to answer.  Please click here if you wish to fill in an information request form.From whatever religious background you come, from any faith, or from none, please know you are welcome. We encourage you to visit our wonderful churches to rest, to reflect, or to join us in prayer.

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