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Letter from Nigel - Winter 2017

It is very hard to comprehend that I am now in my second year as a curate in Taney Parish. How time flies. As the age old expression goes, ‘Time and Tide wait for no person’. So here we are heading into the Christmas season again. Barely was September over and the shops were beginning to stock the shelves with all sorts of Christmas material. Christmas is that time of year when we recall the coming of the Christ child into our midst, but what annoys me (and I don’t get annoyed easily) is the way in which Christ is being pushed out of Christmas at an alarming rate. Secular society seems to think it is OK to declare ‘Happy Holidays’ or ‘Merry Xmas’. It is time to set the record straight. If Christ is removed from Christmas, we are left with nothing. It is he that is the ‘reason for the season’. I would implore you all to please make sure your Christmas salutations are precisely that - ‘Happy Christmas’. To remove Christ means we are left with ‘mas’ meaning ‘carnival celebrations’, and although we will celebrate, let us celebrate the coming of the Christ child, Emmanuel, ‘God with Us’.
I hope and pray that you will be blessed over this Christmas time as you share fellowship with family and friends. As families come together, children play, friendships are rekindled, may this Christmas be filled with love, peace and rest as we celebrate together, the birth of Christ. However, for some of our parishioners this time of year can be a sad time as they journey through their first Christmas without a loved one present. To them and to all who have been bereaved during the year I extend my deepest thoughts and prayers. On behalf of Anne and our family, may I wish you God’s richest blessing and comfort over the Christmas period and the coming New Year.

With Every Blessing.
December 2017